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Together with selected partners, this initiative provides an AI-powered technology to identify website visitors with buying intent.
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Offer your visitors valuable assistance for the best website experience ever

Personal assistance is expensive but it is also a very important tool to increase your sales. With the help of VEGA, you are able to provide your visitors with personal advice exactly when they need it.
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Excellent service for visitors with buying intent
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Increased conversion rates for businesses

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Vega Technology identifies customers with buying intent

sales performance

Higher profitability of online campaigns
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Grow consultant satisfaction

Why are live customer interactions important?

Visitors are 2.8 times more likely to end up buying a product after they engage with a live agent
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VEGA recognises visitors with buying intent

VEGA identifies visitors with buying intent and allows you to focus your valuable consultant resources on the visitor group with the highest revenue potential.
Significantly increase the profitability of your resources
Higher conversion rates of your campaigns
Positive impact on the motivation of your consultants
People buy from people they trust.
Michael Suitner, CEO PATHADVICE International GmbH

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