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Seize the moment to discover, engage, and convert qualified website visitors with our ai-powered solution to maximize your sales opportunities.
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Turn your paid traffic into new customers using intent data

Utilize data insights & buying intent signals to shape your advertising efforts. Know who's ready to buy and catch them at it's peak. It’s a total game changer for your Sales-Pipeline.
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Which visitor groups show buying intent?
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For which products exist buying intent?
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Which campaigns generate visitors with buying intent?
Website visitors with buying intent chart

Get detailed visitor insights to increase online sales

Detect private website visitors and companies automatically, qualify their buying intent effortlessly, and focus your activities on valuable visitors to use your time and human resources more efficient!
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B2B Visitor Identification
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Live Buying Intent Status
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Vega Technology identifies customers with buying intent

sales performance

Higher profitability of online campaigns
online sales
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Grow consultant satisfaction

Why are live customer interactions important?

Visitors are 2.8 times more likely to end up buying a product after they engage with a live agent
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VEGA recognises visitors with buying intent

VEGA identifies visitors with buying intent and allows you to focus your valuable consultant resources on the visitor group with the highest revenue potential.
Significantly increase the profitability of your resources
Higher conversion rates of your campaigns
Positive impact on the motivation of your consultants
People buy from people they trust.
Michael Suitner, CEO PATHADVICE International GmbH
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